A teacher and a student from an elementary school

One day, a student who graduated from the elementary school
and now studying in middle school came to me.
He said that he regretted cussing in the internet
when he was in the lower grades of elementary school
and he even thought of changing his name to delete the history.

Unlike analogue generation, they already had internet since they were born.
They didn’t know that what they did when they were immature will be left
as a scarlet letter that doesn’t go away forever.

Like the timer of electric fans,
can’t their posts in the internet automatically disappear after some time?

This little idea made to come up with a patent.

- One day in 2011... Gyeong-gi OO Elementary school teacher Kyeong Ah Lee

Appearance of Digital

The history of mankind is about 3 million years to 5 million years, as they say.
But the history of digital, or internet has not reached 70 years yet.
This is why, maybe it is reasonable that we did not predict many issues
regarding the speed and degree of development.

* ENIAC, developed by Eggert and Mauchly is the start of the computer,
   and ARPANET, a product of doctor Baron’s research of 1964
   materialized by Licklider in 1969 is the former version of internet.

Actuality of utilization of internet

Would we be producing indiscreet posts, comments, and replies in the internet?

Furthermore, are we storing digital data that are worthwhile
for individuals, society, and history of mankind?

What is Digital Aging?

Digital Aging is a new technical and philosophical concept (thinking) of higher levels
that wants to change the digital data into a being just like the living organisms by granting the function of limited life, change, and death to the digital data which was only recognized with qualities of immortality, unlimited duplication, and identical original.

DAS targets broadly including portal service, private computing, hardware’s OS, and even firmware.

Also, DAS controls the expiration of the timer, and suggests analogue form and method of extinction through Aging.

Strength and inverse concept of digital

The strengths of digital are identical original, unlimited duplication, and immortality.
However, do these qualities come solely as an advantage to the human?

In 21st century as the age of information began, digital had spread and developed rapidly, and its reaction as well, is gushing out like a flood.

In a phenomenon where digital data, even after its period of utility, is floating around in servers like a garbage without any value, we discovered a backside of the digital.

Telomere and DAS

In human’s DNA, there is nucleic acid sequences called telomere to decide aging and lifespan.

Would this be the time to install this telomere to the digital data that were recognized as immortal being?

So that digital will no longer exist as a garbage on the face of the earth.

DAS timer

DAS installs Timer that will start an extinction time on digital data.
If a user can set the extinction time of the data like he sets the timer on the electric fan
when he is uploading texts, pictures, and videos on blogs and boards, we can probably avoid explosive increase of unnecessary data.

Now, before saving by hitting the ‘Enter’ key, how about setting the time limit of the timer?

If you need to keep it for eternity, press forever.

DAS aging

If time extinction time was set in DAS timer, now aging will automatically follow.
A blog with no one clicking will get old day by day, and popular posts can enjoy fresh youth.

If a file you opened after a long time has faded in color and wrinkled, regain youth
by rejuvenation injection of DAS…
Digital data that had completely lost its value will be extinguished according to the DAS logic
and stay as zero byte forever.

If a user accesses and log-in, all production and extinction of the digital data produced hereafter will be traced and managed in

Change of conditions of portal sites, user’s personal computer environment, and even on the firmware and middleware loaded in hardware will be reported in real time to the users to see if they are being done correctly, and then corrected.

The value of patents

Genre of digital extinction is a field unexplored.

It is true that human only focused on the production and storage of data.

But just like a different side of decalcomania, this genre of extinction has extensive areas to pioneer just as genre of production has.

DAS is a one very small patent, but I look forward to DAS leading in the genre of digital extinction as the first of its kind in the world.

Enhancement of search efficiency

Continuously increasing junk data not only increases storage costs but also reduce efficiency of searching.

From suspended blog of the dead people to unused accounts of the users, DAS will fundamentally improve the factors that add loads to the search engine.

With DAS, the quality and speed of searching will change!

Protection of privacy

Recently, rights to be forgotten is a hot issue.
It is because everything from the old pictures of the celebrities to posts where one quarreled against a parcel company, all gets exposed indiscreetly.

In Japan, a company that deletes the digital trace of dead people was created.
But, is it easy to delete other people’s trace?

DAS is a method where one can sets the extinction time of the data for himself.
That is why he one can protect his privacy by himself.

Storage reduction and license sales

Global sales of NAND Flash in 2013 was about 29.9 billion USD.

The market size of current storage is even hard to imagine.
Through elimination of junk data, DAS is expected to reduce 10~20% of total storage efficiency.

License sales through this is estimated to be more than 3 billion USD every year,
and if related industry sales are included, 5 billion USD a year won’t be a difficult goal.

Establishment of the Institute of DAS

The idea of looking DAS as one product is a minor.
DAS is throwing a little buzzword in the genre that Digital Extinction is proposed for the first time
in human history.
So this part is problem that the state, the academic ans private companies should think and rase.
Through Switzerland PCT, international patent priority has secured.
Now it is time to deepen and expand the DAS, to develop entire Digital industry.
Maybe Establishment of the Institute of DAS is fate of the times.